"America Had Talent"


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"America Had Talent"
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America Had Talent by Pat Hobaugh Original Oil and Latex on Canvas Framed in Gallery Wrap black and silver frame, 30 inches x 30 inches. This painting usually ships within 1 to 2 business days. Purchase online now or call Mary Katherine Fickel at 830-997-1111.

Painting description by artist.
This work depicts a Presidential talent show, with Bill Clinton receiving his scores for his saxophone judges, while Hillary ,as a nutcracker, stands looking like a judge as well. The painting is really about two things. First, how we turn politics and campaigns into talent show contests, with the media/television personalities standing in as judges before we even get to the actual election. Secondly, it is called America had Talent because we always think past presidents were better than current ones. The Greek vase in the center is a reminder that none of this is new, this type of treatment of leaders and elections has been going on for millennia. And the hydrangeas, as with all of the hydrangeas in my work, represent the transience of the situation depicted when placed in relevance to overall time.
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