Artist Katherine Lott

I really can not remember at time in my life when I was not creating something. This need to create supersedes my need to do almost anything else, like eat, sleep or get my oil changed etc. It is so amazing to get lost in the process of watching a piece come to life under my brush or pallet knife and then evolve into something I would be proud to show you. I have worked in a number of mediums from textiles and clay to hand made papers only to find out that the abstract art form is the arena where I can bring all these forms to one table. I absolutely love getting lost in the colors and textures and all the while I am thinking of you. The most exciting thing about that is, I am wondering who you might be and what would possibly possess you to imagine my art in your most intimate spaces. I am giddy at the notion that a dance with fate could possibly bring us together, but I know I will be delighted when we meet! In Conclusion There is a little town in Mexico where my parents lived and there, they still fight bulls. When the Matador steps out into the ring if he is lucky his cape will bring the bull so close that the crowd is hushed. Once the breath returns they all cry in unison, Ole!, thus signifying that they recognize the divine and the human connecting to make beauty. Art to me is much like bullfighting, and if the spirit is with me I hope to hear you say Ole! We are all yearning for a chance to be breathless about something in this world, and that is why I paint.

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