Dennis Jones

For me, art is a way to depict a real world subject (animals, people, places) in a mythical world setting. My goal is to combine my personal mythology with the cultural mythology of the American West. The personal mythology is a product of growing up on the High Plains and ranchlands of Texas. The cultural mythology is drawn from the evolving popular culture perceptions of the historical American Frontier from Tonto and the Lone Ranger, to Gunsmoke, to Little Big Man, to Dances With Wolves. When I was a kid, my family spent many summers vacationing in New Mexico. On one of these trips, we spent a day wandering through the shops and galleries of Santa Fe. I was immediately drawn to the bold, vibrant colors of the local artwork. I was especially drawn to the Native artists that depicted a rich cultural history and had a living connection to their ancestral past. Since my first exposure to art was in Santa Fe, that was my original perception of what fine art should be. Later, as I began searching for my own artistic direction, I became interested in early 20th Century Expressionist or Fauvist art. After studying this style I realized that many of my favorite Southwest artists were also inspired by Expressionism. So, I have come full circle. My art now reflects early Expressionism combined with the American Southwest style that originally inspired me. Call it New West Expressionism. So now, I try to create works of art that let me travel to this mythic American West and I hope that you, the viewer, will join me on the journey. Current representation: Bent Tree Gallery, Wimberley, Texas Steidel Fine Art, Wimberley, Texas | London, UK

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