Artist Nic Noblique

I like playing with the idea of 3,5,8 mathematical beauty, suggesting everything in nature can be broken down into those proportions and that everything is a structural spiral. My goal is to create sculpture that is graceful, ethereal and soft although it comes from rough, cold, rigid steel. I use color to excite and further engage the viewer, the surroundings and to elicit a physical reaction. Pink, for example, is a high energy color and actually increases the heart rate, it is youthful, fun and encourages action and confidence. My work is not about making a social or political statement or regurgitating a bygone aesthetic or art movement. My sculpture is about form, lines and movement from the depths of my own imagination that engage the environment in an organic way. Inspired by the transitions in skate and snow parks, I see curves and lines that will play a visual trick, a balancing act, and contradict the very nature of the material I use to produce it. I want the viewer to see it floating and balancing delicately with a confusing afterthought of the enormous weight involved. Creating skatable sculpture has always intrigued me and I am currently working with the city of Appleton, Wisconsin (my home town) to produce sculpture for a skate park that will function as public art that you can ride, grind, drop in and skate. For my latest series, I am playing around with coatings similar to the grip tape on a skateboard. I use salvaged steel to create with and I use only the most environmentally friendly and sustainable industrial coatings. I also take pride in building my own equipment to fabricate with. I have hand built, from all salvaged materials, an industrial rolling machine that allows me to push the limits of my imagination.

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